About Steve Hayward - Mortgage Agent in Hamilton, Ontario

  • I want to buy my first home. When should I start talking to you?
  • What is the minimum down payment to purchase a house?
  • My mortgage with my bank has come due. Should I look at switching to another type of lender?
  • Do you have good rates?
  • What is a B market deal?
  • Do you charge for your service?
  • Why would I use your service over just walking into a bank?
  • Aren't all mortgage agreements the same?
  • I think I need to refinance. What is a refinance exactly and how do I know if I should?

Up to 2 years before you are ready to start looking for a house. We will review the whole process and we will make sure you are prepared and on track with such details as ensuring a healthy credit. .

5% down is the minimum requirement. In some cases we can even use a borrowed down payment.

Yes having your complete file reviewed by a third party such as myself can give you a huge advantage in your financial position.

Yes I have multiple lenders bidding for your business. I will provide you with a great rate that is paired with the best mortgage agreement to suite your needs. 

B market deals are files that a bank typically won't touch. Bruised credit and certain self employed applicants.

No, not typically. I am paid by the lender I provide you with. The only exception is on non traditional "B" market type deals.

I work for you in your best interest and I do not work for the Lenders, Credit Unions or Banks. I have flexible hours and I can come right to your home. I also have a multiple of lenders looking for your business with excellent options not typically found at your bank branch. 

No!! Certainly not!! That's where my service can really shine. There are three types of institutional lenders. Monolines, Credit Unions and Banks. We have products available that are far better than what the banks can typically offer.

In the simplest explanation. We convert your high interest debt into a low or lower interest debt. We can also tailor your payments to suite your cash flow needs. The best way to know if a refinance is right for you is to have me review your debt load. The numbers don’t lie…