What Makes Steve Hayward Stand Out

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Know What Makes Steve Hayward Stand Out

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About Steve Hayward

I am a mortgage agent in Hamilton, Ontario and can provide a mortgage solution for every situation. I run a web-based business but am mobile and travel to meet clients on the road. I am fully licensed by the Canadian Government, and I am regularly re-educated and re-certified every two years.

My brokerage merged with Dominion Lending Centers in 2018. As the mortgage business is continually changing, it is essential to keep up to date on policies and provide clients with the best service possible. Moreover, the industry is moving toward electronic conveniences of online processing, so my brokerage is embracing the change and following suit.

The Steve Hayward Difference

I  work with anyone looking for the services I provide. I always say, whether you have excellent credit or not, it’s always in your benefit to seek the services of a mortgage brokerage for mortgage financing. I believe that I can give you a better price than the one you are already getting.

When you go to the bank, the person at the desk works for the bank offering you the best mortgage suiting their employer. On the other hand, I work for my clients and in their best interests. I have access to multiple lenders and can send you to any of them. I match my clients with the lender that best suits them.

Being able to help people out of tough financial situations is the most rewarding aspect of my job. The ability to set up a first time home buyer with sound advice for mortgage financing, with the flexibility possibly needed over the years is something I derive immense gratification from.

My primary strengths would be product knowledge and quick response times. My clients often like to have answers to questions quickly and from someone who is informed. My knowledge and experience ensure that I am second to none in the mortgage industry.

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